About Us

The Coalition for Affordable Housing and the Environment, a statewide group of planning, environmental and housing organizations and advocates who recognize the interdependency of urban, suburban and rural communities, is working to build unique partnerships for a just and sustainable New Jersey. The Coalition’s goals are to increase affordable housing opportunities, to preserve New Jersey’s natural resources, and to rebuild cities throughout the state.

Originally created to enable the environmental, planning and affordable housing communities to review issues of mutual concern in a collegial setting, the Coalition has evolved to where it develops comprehensive policy strategies to advance the collective and individual goals of its members. Identifying those areas in which environmental, planning and housing goals intersect, the Coalition – working with its members and other advocates from around the state – crafts multi-faceted solutions that would create a New Jersey with abundant open spaces, a clean environment, healthy cities, and reasonable housing opportunities for all its citizens.

Since it was founded, the Coalition has:

Served affordable housing, environmental, planning, community development, land use and other public policy organizations seeking to support each others’ goals and learn more about each others’ issues;
Educated New Jersey policy makers and the public at large about the interconnectedness between the environment and affordable housing;
Highlighted how public policy affects affordable housing and environmental goals; and
Offered a voice to those wishing to promote and participate in a dialogue over critical issues facing the state.